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The Future is Here, Bitcoin

25 February

Everyone knows, or have heard about Bitcoin, but what are the state of affairs with Bitcoins now?

Bitcoin is the virtual currency which aims to compete with “real” currency, and the Bitcoin Foundation believes it can do so, by offering users free transactions and complete¬†anonymity.

Governments around the world have shown an open attitude towards accepting the virtual currency. Most policy makers advocate the idea of “It’s not a legal tender, but you’re free to do whatever you please with it”. This opens the door for Bitcoin to grow.

Bitcoin ATMs are starting to appear all over the world, U.S., Canada, China, France, Finland, Brazil just to name a few places. Many bars, restaurants, shops, online-services around the world are also starting to adopt Bitcoin. Businesses believe that accepting Bitcoins will generate additional sales due to its natural attractiveness to the “high-end” demographics.

Unlike other Bitcoin services, with Evolution Bitcoin Software, you can easily spend your Bitcoins anywhere. You can receive the popular virtual currency’s great returns, while still being able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like buying a cup of tea or coffee.

Newsletters Made Easy!

14 February


You can now manage your newsletters and promotional e-mails easily in Evolution Smart Software. This is an important update because not only can you tailor your promotional material based on customer demographics, but also put them in the sending queue to align them with your future marketing plan.

We understand that marketing people are busy people. Therefore, we’ve made it possible to speed up the newsletter making process by introducing newsletter templates. Save your templates and use them when creating your next promotional material.