Evolution Bitcoin Software

The most advanced system of its kind, Evolution Bitcoin Software provides the full package for integrated Bitcoin services. Easily convert real currency to and from Bitcoins, and use them to buy, sell or trade goods. Our software also caters for litecoin.

Bitcoin EFTPOS

The first system in The World where you can use a standard BITCOIN CARD on a standard EXISTING POS terminal anywhere in the world.

Works in the same way as a Debit Card. The BitCoin Debit Card functions just like any other debit card: swipe, type your pin and get a receipt. BitCoins will then be automatically transferred from your BitCoin wallet to the vendor’s. From a 1 cent transaction upwards…allows the use of BitCoin in everyday life as you would your local currency.

Bitcoin Made Simple

Convert your real currency to and from Bitcoin in an instant! All our transactions are secured with the latest Public-Key cryptographic technology.

Bitcoin Wallet

All Bitcoins are stored in your “Wallet”, your online virtual bank account for you Bitcoins. Your Bitcoin Wallet allows you to do everything a real currency can do, and more.

Transfer Bitcoins

Transfer Bitcoins from one Bitcoin Wallet to another, just like transferring real currency between bank accounts. Our simple UI makes this process a breeze.

Your Bank Card

All users are entitled to a personal bank card, it’s just like a normal bank card. The only difference is, every time you use your bank card, the appropriate amount of Bitcoins will be deducted from your Wallet based on the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

Online Trading

Buy, sell or trade your unused goods. With Evolution Bitcoin Software, users can make new listings, browse thousands of online listings and make offers to their desired items in Bitcoin!

Mobile Bitcoin

Manage your Bitcoin transactions on your iOS or Android device, anywhere, anytime!

Online Community

Search for other Evolution Bitcoin Software users near you! See what people are selling near you, and look for other investment partners!